Secret Nipple is a digital hub that transforms people and products in memorable visual stories in order to generate attention and engagement.
We have built Secret Nipple as an artistic space based with modern visuals: photography, video, installations or experiments illustrating the times we live in.

Our purpose is to create projects that contain the wow factor and to showcase unforeseen perspectives; bold projects that intrigue and spark curiosity; to transform an ordinary item in a piece of art.
And, fortunately, we are exceptionally good at it.

How we do it?
Nope, we do not have a magic wand (although we would have liked it).
But we have a team with a solid background in photography, video and copywriting and – why not saying it? – great talent and effervescent ideas. Add on top a bit of humor, a dash of fun, an enormous courage for trying and a huge interest for everything new.
These are the tools we work with in order to make the ordinary extraordinary. To create provocative, unconventional and sparkling advertising and marketing strategies that make buzz, generate interest and fascinate.

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